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resume & my observatory, last updated 2020.10.06
Currently Active Projects
    White dwarf WD 1856+054, orbited by Jupiter-size planet and transiting every 1.4 days, link
    White dwarf J0139, exhibiting week-long fades at ~ 110-day intervals (due to disintegrating planetesimal), link 
    KIC 8462852 ("Tabby's Star"), monitoring for slow variations in brightness and short timescale dips, link
    WD 1145+017, white dwarf with disintegrating asteroids creating dust clouds that transit every 4.5 hours. Summary of 4 observing seasons, link 


KAFO, Kepler Amateur Follow-up Observations (TTV obsns, currently inactive)
KABS ("blue spike" search, waiting to start)
    AXA, Amateur Exoplanet Archive (transit observations, currently inactive)
    XO-6 Latest XO project exoplanet (fast rotating F5 star)  

White Dwarfs
    WD1145+017:  Summary of Results for past 4 years and latest observing season description link
    PAWM (search for planet transits & starspot variability, 45 observers, currently inactive)
    PAWM2 (more of above, fewer observers, currently active)
WD 2359-434 (starspot variable, secular fade, low level activity)
    G29-38 photometric monitoring for transits
    See WD1145 links above

Misc. Astronomy
    KIC 8462852 (mysterious fades, possibly due to comet breakup)
    Astrophotos (planets, novae, galaxies, tutorials & many astronomy links)
    YY Gem (2 M-type, binary
, eclipsing)
    UV Per (cataclysmic variable with superhumps)
    A-SETI (archive of mysterious transient events) 
    NSV 19335 (irregular variable, several observers)

    Tutorial on producing faint asteroid light curves (as faint as mag 19.6?)
    NEA "2011UW158" - rotates too fast for NASA human mission
    Asteroid 86279 (brucegary) phase curve (albedo & size)
    NEA size & taxonomy observing project (28 NEAs characterized in 9 months, not yet in public domain)   
    BL86, NEA, Jan 26, 2015, international collaboration (article submitted to Icarus & accepted for publication)
    2012 DA14 (NEA, 2013 Feb 15 close-pass, rotation LC, P=9.5 hrs)
    1998 QE2 (NEA, 2013 May/Jun close pass, rotation LCs w/ binary mutual events)
    Apophis, 2014 MN4 (NEA, 2005 close pass, 1st rotation LC)   
    1999 NC43 (2014 close pass, article in Icarus, Reddy et al, May 2015, 252, pp129-143)
    Dawn, consulting (not yet in public domain)
    Ceres, 7-band spectrum, rotation plots, phase effect (article published in Icarus)
7-band spectrum, rotation plots, phase effect (unpublished)
    12753 Povenmire, rotation LC (many oppositions, 2nd article published MPB, 42, #3, 2015 Jul-Sep)
    86279 2007 & 86279 2015 "86279 Brucegary"
    Other NEAs
    SA-100 transmission grating, miscellaneous asteroid spectra

    ISON, "Comet of the Century" dud! (2013 Aug/Nov, many observations incl animation & g'r'i'z' spectra)
    Miscellaneous comets

Photometry Tutorials
All-Sky Photometry - Basics 
    All-Sky Photometry - My Preferred Method  
    Differential Photometry - Overview    
    Creating SED 
    Converting between magnitudes (color/color plots)
    SA-100 (transmission grating lessons learned) 
    M67 Secondary Standards (47 stars w/ BVg'r'i'z' mag's using all-sky technique)  
    CCD Transformation Equations Derived

    Hereford Arizona Observatory, HAO: wikipedia description at link, my description at
    Cloudiness statistics at HAO
    Gaian Bottleneck passage derivation (why SETI will fail) 
    Planet imaging
    Objects Within Our Galaxy (nebulae, star clusters)
    Atmospheric Seeing (animation) 
    Sermon on Stating Measurement Uncertainty
    The Big Picture 
    No Hype        
    Misc. quotes & articles 

Pre-Retirement (Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
MTP video (airborne instrument, one of my ideas that took off & continued to be improved after I retired)
    Ozone Hole  
    Clear Air Turbulence 
    Misc. Meteorology Studies 
    MTP Tutorial 
    Moon Mapping  

    Eusociality, Society and Psychopaths (why civilizations will never endure)
    Futility (the futility of trying to save humanity)
    Psychopaths Doom Civilization (biology analogies abound, casting psychopaths as a cancer upon civilization)
    Sociopaths Doom Civilization (sociopaths threaten civilization)
    The Holocene Experiment and Global Terrorism (a sociobiology-based rant) 
    The Roobification of America (prospects for America's next election debacle)  
    Democracy is Fragile (prospects for losing it to Roob voters)

    Eusociality and Psychopathy (2020): and PDF download 
    Civility and its Discontents (2018) and PDF download 
    Exoplanet Observing for Amateurs (2014)
    Quotes for Misanthropes (2014)
    Midnight Thoughts (2014)
    Genetic Enslavement: A Call to Arms for Individual Liberation (2014)
    Misanthrope Holiday: Vignettes and Stories (2007) 
    Synopsis of some of my books

This site opened:  2014.09.17 by Bruce L. Gary (B L G A R Y at u m i c h dot e d u), Hereford, AZ; USA.