Within Our Solar System

 Mars 2001  Mars 2003
 Moon, selected images
 Moon phase sequence
 Uranus & four satellites
 Neptune & Triton
 Mercury (eve sky; transit)
 Planet Alignment of 2002
 Asteroids: 12753, 86279, 15146, 46053, Apophis, NEOs    

 Within Our (Milky Way) Galaxy
. . .
 Ring Nebula in Lyra, M57
 North America Nebula
 Orion Nebula, M42
 Milky Way and "Wild Duck Star Cluster" ZOOM
 Globular Star Cluster in Hercules, M13
 Globular Star Cluster in CanesVenatici, M3
 Pleides open star cluster
 Horse Head Nebula
 Crab Nebula
 Dumbbell Nebula (M27)
 V838 Light Echo
 IC 418 planetary nebula
 Eskimo Nebula c
 Omega Centauri globular star cluster
 M16 ("Bok globules")

 Other Galaxies
  Whirlpool Galaxy, M51
  Andromeda Galaxy, M31
  M104 (Sombrero)
  Fainter Galaxies
  Blazars Observation Demo (variable galxies, a QSO sub-type)
  AAVSO Blazar List (useful info for observers)

 Novas, Supernovas and GRBs

 Nova (before & during outburst)
 SN2002ap (in nearby M74 spiral galaxy, "light curve")
 SN2002bo (in distant galaxy)
 SN2003B (in a farther away galaxy)
 SN2003cg (light curve & image)
 GRB030329 (amazingly bright & persistent)


 A-SETI,  Amateur search for optical flashes from directions along ecliptic; begun 2013 Jan
 YY Gem Photometry (international team observations with unexpected starspot result)
 WD2359-434 Variation Due to Starspot
 PAWM, Pro-Am White Dwarf Monitoring (search for exoplanet transits)
 M67 All-Sky Calibration (47 stars, BVg'r'i'z')
 All-Sky Photometry - The Basics   
 All-Sky Photometry - My Preferred Method  
 Differential Photometry  
 Amateur Exoplanet Archive (AXA)
 Exoplanet Observing for Amateurs book (free PDF download)
 XO-1 Early Observations
 Searching for Sedna Rotation Light Curve  
 Asteroid hunting tips
 UV Persei Cataclysmic Variable Superoutburst Superhumps
 Deep zoom (HST ASC 3.5-day exposure)
 Aurora Borealis ("Northern Lights")
 Mysterious Object in Andromeda Galaxy
 Sky Moods
 Barnard's Star
 Asteroid Movie
 Asteroid Story
 Rocket Launches
 Sky Strips (long, north-south, wide angle mosaics)
 "Atmospheric Seeing" movie demo & atmospheric physics 
 M67 secondary standards (BVg'r'i'z') from two all-sky sessions in 2012
 Chart creation with photometric sequence
 CCD Transformation Equations explained
 CCD Imaging Tips
 AstroPhotography Tips
 SE Sermon, Estimating Phomoetry SEs & SE from SNR
 Cloudiness in Sierra Vista, AZ
 M78 New Nebulosity

 Favorite Software for AstroPhotography Processing
 MaxIm DL/CCD 4.62  
 "Cloudiness Versus Time" & Seeing for Any North America Location (such as Sierra Vista, AZ) for a 2-day interval

 The Big Picture, is an attempt to explain the size of the universe

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