Be advised that the "concept preparation" chapters may be tedious for the casual reader. Things really get going starting with Chapter 12.

                                   C O N T E N T S

  Prologue                                                                                               1

  Introduction                                                                                        5
        Outlaw Genes in 1962, Uncrossed Paths in 1963,
        Outsider Perspective Advantage

 1 Reductionism                                                                                  14
        Universe Rigid, F= ma, No Room for Spirit Forces,
        Dreiser's "No Why, Only How"

 2 Spiritual Heritage                                                                          23
        Primitives Need Spirits, We Must Resist the
        Backwards Pull

 3 Genetics Tutorial - Part I                                                           29
        Review of Earth Life, Competition is Between Genes,
        Which Genes Compete, Gene Interaction Effects, Trade
        Offs and Compromises, Individual Welfare Irrelevant,
        Inclusive Fitness

 4 Genetics Tutorial - Part II                                                         34
        Pre adaptation, Species Shaping Forces, How Many
        Genes Compete, Pace of Evolution, Unintended
        Deleterious Effects, Dangers of Fast Evolution, Lag
        and Regression, Mutational Load, Reverse Evolution,
        Pleiotropy and Polygenes

 5  Genetics Tutorial - Part III                                                     46
         Remote Sensing Metaphors

 6  Evolution Concepts and Humans                                         50
        GEP, Men Bear Greater Burden of Selective Forces,
        Takeover Infanticidal Males, Monogamy and
        Cuckolding, Men and Women Shape Each Other,
        Birth Order, Duality of Morality, Emotions Control the
        Rational, Consciousness

 7  Brain Anatomy and Function                                                61
        Vertical organization, Cerebral Lobes, Function,

 8  The Brain's Role in Evolution                                               73
        Prefrontal is Recent, Modules and Genes, Competing
        Modules, Result Driven Thinking, Niches, Individual
        Ontogeny & Species Phylogeny

 9  Artisans Set the Stage for Civilizations - Part I               88
        Tool Making Artisans go Full Time, New Artisan Niches

10 Artisans Set the Stage for Civilizations - Part II             98
        Co Evolution of Niches and Genes, LB Driven
        Rise of Civilizations

11 Lessons from Sailing Ships                                                   110
       Co-evolution of genes for altruism/selfishness and
       intolernace/tolerance (group selection theory)

12 Levels of Selection, Rise and Fall of Civilizations         114
        Gene Selection, Group Selection and Individual
        Selection, New Measure for Strength of Selective
        Forces, Rise and Fall of Civilizations, Oscillations
        as a Transitional Mode

13 The Origins of Two Cultures - Part I                                 133
        Evolution of a New Left Brain, "Resentful" Right Brains,
        LB/RB conflicts

14 The Conflicts of Two Cultures - Part II                            148
        Example Newspaper Articles, Example Books, Eastern
        Thought, Fiction and Art, Spiritual Scientists

15 Factors Influencing Fate of Civilizations - Part I          159
        Individual Selection & Group Selection Theories

16 Factors Influencing Fate of Civilizations - Part II         164

17 Factors Influencing Fate of Civilizations - Part III       168
       Troubadours, Women Speed Civilization's Fall

18 Factors Influencing Fate of Civilizations - Part IV       174
       Turning Inward, Mutational Load (Dysgenia)

19 Factors Influencing Fate of Civilizations - Part V        180
        Fascism Cauisng Collapse of American Empire

20  Dating the Demise of Humanity                                        209
        New Time Scale for Humanity, Doomsday Argument and
        Anthropic Principle, Probabilities of Near Future
        Population Collapse

21 A Global Civilization Crash Scenario                               230
        Tribalism's Starring Role; Communism & Fascism
        as Twin Gene Driven Enemies of Artisan Created
        Civilization, Genetic Entrenchment and Culturgens,
        RB's Revengeful Victory Over LB

22 Living Wisely - Seeking Positives                                        246
        Mount Cognoscenti, Life Dilemmas, Eschewing the
        Crowd, Activity Categories, Emphasize Positives,
        Brief Encounters

23 A Call to Arms - Identifying Outlaw Genes                    254
        Prospects for Replacing Gonad Man After the Crash,
        Genetic Pitfalls

24 Utopias                                                                                         272
        Isolated Communities, Cognoscenti Societies, Platonic
25 Repudiation of the Foregoing                                               280
        Ultimate Meaninglessness of Everything,
        Existentialism, A Hierarchy for Dealing With Reality

26 A Free Man's Worship                                                            284
        Annotated Version of a Bertrand Russell Essay

      Your Odyssey                                                                             296

     Appendix A: Reductionism                                         297

     Appendix B: Human Virus Examples                          305

     Appendix C: Remote Sensing Analogy                        308

     Appendix D: World Population Equations                  315

     Appendix E: Repudiation of the Foregoing                 317

     References                                                                                   319

     Index for Names                                                                       329

     Index for Words                                                                       332


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