From dust to stars, and dust again;

once more a star, with earth in orb,

evolving life, on land and sea,

producing Man, and making me.


Ageless atoms, you leave behind

countless stories, now combined.

Configured thus, you now form me,

providing for my odyssey.


From single‑cell, to feeling child,

who learned the skills for living life,

my opened eyes viewed worldly scenes,

I filled with hope, and dreamed some dreams.


I worked and toiled, for decades long,

some lucky breaks, and then achieved!

Triumphant pause, a time to see,

the rush of time, the end of me!


My song is brief, it's almost sung,

deserving rest, my war I've won.

But from within, that short‑termed we,

you atoms yearn to wrestle free.


Restless atoms, you must resume

uncharted paths, for endless time.

I give you thanks, and set you free,

as you resume YOUR odyssey.


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