Description of book: Civility and its Discontents
Bruce L. Gary, 2018.10.18
Keywords: civility, psychopath,, sociopath, democracy, tyranny, civilization, sociobiology, evolutionary psychology

This web page describes a book about the dangers of psychopaths to democratic societies and even civilization. It was created after I noticed that the web site where the book was for sale omitted a page (in their LookInside section) that was politically incorrect.  

This was my first evidence for "trouble ahead." When I submitted a Second Edition of the book it didn't show up at to replace the First Edition, and several inquiries elicited silly explanations. I suspect that this book has been categorized as "politically incorrect," and Amazon may withdraw it from sale at some near-future date. I therefore am making it available at this web page as a free downloadable PDF document. I'm not writing for the money, but out of a sense of concern for trends that threaten democracy (in the near-term) and possibly civilization (in the long-term).

I will present images of the first page of each chapter. An abstract for the book is at the bottom of this web page, along with a link for a free PDF download of the book.

Book PDF download link  

If you really want a professionally printed hard copy (Second Edition), go to this link  

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