"MISANTHROPE'S HOLIDAY: VIGNETTES AND STORIES" is a book describing a life transition by someone starting out as a "cold-hearted" misanthrope and ending up as a "warm-hearted" misanthrope, thanks to a 12-year transition related to parenthood.

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Unsolicited Feedback:

"... a delight ... honesty and humilty ... humor ..."  "There is so much humanity and wonder in the observations that I think strangers could not help but be moved by them."
Joy Ballinger, June 22, 2007 (yes, she's a friend, but she never sugar-coats her opinions).

Ordering the book:

    This book can be purchased from the MiraSmartShop web site for $10:  http://www.mirasmartshop.com/

Author Resume:  http://brucegary.net/resume.html

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