Ozone Hole (& Other) Mission Support


      Overview of MTP's Contribution to the Ozone Hole Missions

      Overview description of the MTP/ER2

      Overview descrition of the MTP/DC8

      Listing of ALL MTP flights with archived data in the public domain ALL MTP Flights

Isentrope-Altitude Cross-Sections

     "Mesoscale Temperature Fluctuations" - article in preparation

     Mesoscale Temperature Fluctuations Overview  Introduction to evidence for mesoscale isentrope wrinkles

     Mesoscale Fluctuation Amplitude Model  A method for predicting wrinkle amplitude (MFA) versus latitude, season, underlying topography & altitude

     Calculating Mesoscale "Colder Than" Statistics  Example use of the MFA model (described in above web page) for calculating mesoscale departures from synoptic

     Vortex Edge (effect on isentrope altitude cross-section)

     Subtropic/Midlatitude Transitions (isentrope altitude patterns at these transition regions)

Mountain Waves

     First Mountain Wave Encountered by MTP.

     Biggest Mountain Wave Encountered by MTP

     Isentrope 2-D Topography for Mountain Waves

     AAOE MTP Results publication

 MTP Instrument Performance

     Description of the MTP/DC8 Initial Calibration and T(z) RMS Performance Assessment

     Description of the MTP/DC8 Latest Calibration and T(z) RMS Performance Assessment

     MTP/ER2 and MTP/DC8 Calibration and Performance Summary

 SONEX Mission (1997 Oct - Nov)

     DC971029 Cut-Off Low Flight

 SOLVE Mission (1999 Nov - 2000 Mar)

      SOLVE MTP/DC8 Analyses

      SOLVE MTP/ER2 Analyses

      MTP/DC8 Window Effect Analysis (for SOLVE)

      In Situ Air Temperature Measurement Corrections (Navigation System and MMS) for SOLVE and POLARIS

      MTP/ER2 SOLVE Pointing Error

      SOLVE Analyses

      XS-File Temperature Accuracy

  ACCENT Mission (1999 Mar - Apr)

      Window Correction Table

  TexAQS Mission (2000 Aug - Sep)

      WCT Analysis

  CAMEX4 (2001 Aug - Sep)

      ER-2 ZPnavCOR & OATnavCOR Analysis

      Window Correction Table for MTP/ER2

      OATnav Gains Demonstration

  CRYSTAL-FACE (2002 Jun - Jul)

     OATptw and OATmms Calibrations

  SOLVE2 Mission (2003 Jan - Feb 6)

    WCT for MTP/DC8

  EUPLEX & ENVISAT (Geophysica; 2003 Jan 15 - Mar 16)

     Geophysica 2003 OATnavCOR & WCT


     Tutorial on OAT/RAOB Calibrations

     Curriculum Vitae

     Official MTP web page (maintained by Dr. M. J. Mahoney, JPL)


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