MTP Beginnings & Instrument Overview

         List of all MTP flights

         Microwave Temperature Program Beginnings

         Overview Description of MTP/ER2

         Overview Description of MTP/DC8

  Clear Air Turbulence

         CAT Overview Sketches, Introducing Idea That Vertical Compression Triggers CAT

         AIAA'81, Squeezed Inversion Layer Lowers Ri to Produce CAT

         AIAA'84, CAT Probability Correlation With T(z) Shape

         C-141 Severe CAT Encounter of 821208

         RRi from INS Winds & MTP Lapse Rate

         ER-2 Moderate CAT Encounter of 911014

         Vertical Compression and CAT Event of 980411

         Predicting CAT using RRi



         Curriculum Vitae (of web master)

         Official MTP web page (maintained by Dr. M. J. Mahoney, JPL)


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