Roland Santallo (Tahiti)
Observer SXQ


Roland is controlling the observatory with one computer (left) while processing images with a second computer running Munipack (right).


View of Roland Santallo's backyard observatory (center), with banana patch on the east. Both are 2.6 km east of international airport, which is west of Papeete.


Telescope: 11-inch Celestron, f/10.5
Mount:  Losmandy G11 with System Astrometrics
CCD camera: SBIG ST-7, FOV = 8.0 x 5.3 'arc.
Observatory Type:  Roll-off roof (altitude = 100 meters ASL)
Software: CCDSoft for camera control, TheSky/Six and Maestro for telescope control, LAN connection to home computer that runs Munipack and DS9 under Linux Ubantu OS.
Location: Papeete, Tahiti.  Latitude = -17.5514, East Longitude = -149.5878.
Horizon:  OK if DE is between -20 and -65 deg (because of neighbor's banana patch to east)

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