Giorgio Corfini (Italy)
Observer CGI

Newto GSO 8-inch, f/4 (Newtonian optics) telescope and self-made CCD.

Giorgio Corfini, processing images using MaxIm DL and IRIS.

Telescope: 8-inch  Newtonian, Newton GSO, f/4.0.
Guide Scope: Photo Teleobjective, 500 mm EFL, f/8 (2.5-inch aperture) with Vesta webcam, modified for long exposures (SC3) 
Mount:  Equatorial
CCD camera: Self-made CCD-UAI, based on Sony ICX429 ALL chip.
Filters: Baader Y495 (yellow, long pass), Baader R610 (red, long pass)  
Observatory Type: open air
Software: Guidemaster for autoguiding, AstroArt 4.0 for imaging, MaxIm DL and IRIS for image processing (photometry)
Location: Lucca, Italy. Latitude = +43.7927, East Longitude = +010.4747

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