Gregor Srdoc
AXA Observer SGX

Gregor Srdoc, at the controls of the 12-inch Meade LX200 telescope used for most of his exoplanet observations. Note the piggly-backed Celestron refractor and telephoto lens.

Observatory Info

Optics: Meade 12" LX200 SCT, Celestron 80/900 achromat, Carl Zeiss 180mm f/2.8 telephoto lens
Mount: Fork LX200 Classic
Cameras: SBIG ST6b and EOS400D
Filters: R (Meade 12-inch)
Observatory Type: permanent pier, double telescope cover
Location: Sarsoni 90, Viskovo, Croatia:  N 45° 23' 04" , E 14° 24' 40", elevation = 410 meters\
Software: MaxIm DL for control of telescope and CCD (via TheSky5).  MaxIm DL and Muniwin for photometry extraction. Excel and Open Office for data analysis.

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