Jim Roe
AXA Observer GJL

Telescope #1:
Optics: 32" Newtonian Alt-Az (custom made), SiTech servo
CCD:  SBIG STL-1001 with Paracorr
Image Scale: 1.37 "arc/pixel
FOV: 23.5x23.5 'arc
Filters: CBVIc
Observatory Type: roll-off shed

Telescope #2:
Celestron 14 inch SCT on GEM, powered by Sidereal Technology servo system.
Image Scale: 1.43 "arc/pixel
FOV: 18 x 12 'arc
Filters: CBVIc
Observatory Type: SkyShed POD
Software:  MaxIm DL (v4.58) for hardware control and image processing.

Moscow Mills, Missouri
Latitude = +38:55:30, ELongitude = -90:56:18

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