Manuel Mendez
AXA Observer MQZ

Latest telescope configuration, a Celestron 11-inch with lot's of "support."

Manuel with main telescope system, an 8-inch Meade LX and SBIG CCD.

Megrez 110, portable system (foreground). In background is a friend's 12-inch LX400.

Manuel Mendez getting ready to observe with his EQ6 Pro SkyScan (superceded by an 8-inch Meade).
(An up-to-date picture showing the 8-inch telescope that Manuel now uses is in the works.)

Main Telescope:
Optics: Celestron 11-inch
Observatory type: Patio

Secondary Telescope:
Optics: 8" Meade LX200 f/10
CCD:  SBIG ST7-XME  + CFW-9 BVR Johnson
Observatory Type: SRO (sliding roof observatory)

Portable Telescopes:
EQ6 Pro SkyScan
Meade SN 8" f/4
MX716 + V Johnson

Latitude = +36.5, ELongitude = -06.3

Cartes du Ciel for home observatory control of telescope, TheSky/Six for laptop control of telescope. CCDSoft for control of SBIG CCD; Astroart3 for control of Starlight Xpress CCD. AIP4WIN for image analysis; sometimes MaxImDL or MirPro for special issues (such as when more check stars are needed). Excel for analysis and plots; FindGraph for special plot tasks.

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