Alessandro Marchini
Astronomical Observatory, University of Siena, Italy
AXA Observer MXI


Optics: Meade 25 cm (10") LX200 (f/6.3) and Skywatcher ED100 10 cm (f/9) refractor
Mount: Fork
Camera: SBIG ST7-ME, 765x510 pixel (9 micron/pixel)
Camera: Starlight Express SX-L8, 512x512 pixel (15 micron/pixel)
Canon EOS 300D; Webcams: Philips Vesta Pro and Philips Toucam Pro
Observatory Type: Dome, 3-meter
Location: Siena, Italy: Lat. = +43:18:45, E. Long. = 11:20:12
Software: Guide 8 for telescope control, MaxIm DL for CCD control, MaxIm DL for image analysis, Excel for final analysis, Gnuplot for display.

Oberver team (led by A. Marchini): A.Bianchi, A.Bindi, M.Biondi, A.Borsi, M.Conti, M.Damiani, S.Donati, E.Graverini, F.Marchini, V.Millucci, A.Ricciardone, C.Vallerani, S.Zaza
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