Paulo Lobao
AXA/MPC Observer Code: J15

Paulo Lobao, controlling the telescope and CCD camera, using red lights. 

The 4-inch refractor with water-cooled CCD and autoguider telescope/CCD - and an "inviting" clear, blue sky.

For dark sky observing Paulo goes to this site, Muxagata, with MPC code J15. (His residence is in the town of Matosinhos where light pollution limits observing.)

Update of Optics: Celestron 9.25-inch with focal reducer and QSI-532WS-M1 CCD. Off axis guider. All on Losmandy G11 Gemini mount. (No picture yet.)
Optics: Takahashi FS102NSV and a QSI532WS-M1
Mount: German equatorial
Camera: KAF3200ME-grade 1, NABG
Filters: Rc
Observatory Type: open air.
Location: J15 is at Muxagata, Portugal, Latitude = +41.07, East Longitude = -7.17, where the Celestron 9.25-inch is located.
               J11 (residence) is at Matosinhos, Portugal (Latitude 41.04).
Software Used: Dimension 4 v5.0, FOTODIF software (by Julio Castellano)

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