Nicolaj Haarup
Silkeborg, Denmark

Nicolaj Haarup with his 12-inch Meade RCX400 telescope used for his exoplanet observations.

Optics: Meade 12" RCX400 (modified Ritchey-Chretien optics, low-thermal expansion tube)
Guide scope: Williams Optics 80 mm, 560 mm EFL APO w/ Barlow
Mount: Fork
Camera: Canon EOS 350D (D-SLR Rebel XT), 12-bit single-shot color
Guide camera: Qcam5 (Orion Stellacam)
Observatory Type: sliding roof, with "warm room" for observatory control
Location: Silkeborg, Denmark, N 56° 12' 43" , E 009° 24' 37"
Software: TheSky/Six, MaxIm DL/DSLR, LCx_template.xls and BTE_ephem.xls (modified version of BTE_ephem.xls from B. Gary's AXA web site)
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