Joao Gregorio
AXA Observer GJL

Joao Greforio with cuurent remotely-operated telescope set-up. Observing can be from the comfort of a computer at home.

Setting-up a new telescope in a group sliding roof observatory, mid-2009..

Copied from a magazine article.

Joao used to put the disassembled telescope in his car trunk and drive to a remote site and manually monitor observing all night (depicted below).

This is how Joao used to observe, before he got smart and started observing remotely... see next image:

Joao now observes from the comfort of his home office, while sipping tea and listening to music!

Optics: Meade 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain with a Celestron 0.63 focal reducer
Mount: German Equatorial Losmandy G11 with Gemini
Filters: Schuler BVRI, CLR, BB
Observatory Type: Mobile (need to set it up for each observing session)
Location: Atalaia-Portugal, N38:44 W8:49
Also observes with a 10" Newtonian F4.8 and a 8" Schmidt-Newton F4


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Joao's friends who lend support as well as hardware: Alberto Fernando (experienced visual observer), Jose Ribeiro (spectroscopy), Carlos Gouveia (imaging), Filipe Alves (astrophotography) and Joao.

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