Bruce Gary
AXA/AAVSO Observer Code: GBL

2009.07.01. The sidewalk is now complete, and both underground conduit lines are buried & covered. The monsoon started a week before this picture (June 25), so the grass is starting to grow.
A Celestron CPC 1100 (11-inch) is currently installed in the dome.

2009.08.15. My original sliding-roof-observatory in foregraound (where the Meade 14-inch telescope will be installed after its repair (underway since December, 2008) and the new ExploraDome in the background (where the Celestron 11-inch CPC-1100 is installed). Both observatories have two buried conduit lines (one for power the other for command and data lines).

Celestron 11-inch (CPC 1100) with an optical backend consisting of a wireless focuser (WF), focal reducer lens (FR), color filter wheel (CFW) and ST-8XE CCD  (CCD). This hardware will have to do while waiting for my main telescope to be repaired (a Meade LX200GPS 14-inch).

Optics: 1) Meade 14" LX200GPS, 2) Celestron CPC 1100. SBIG AO-7 tip-tilt image stabilizer is used with the Meade telescope.
Mount: Fork (both telescopes)
Camera: SBIG ST8-XE (both telescopes)
Filters: BVRcIcBB (Meade 14-inch)
Observatory Type: Sliding Roof Observatory (Meade 14-inch, sometime in October, 2009), ExploraDome (Celestron 11-inch CPC-1100).
Location: Hereford, AZ; USA  N 31° 27' 08" , W 110° 14' 16"
Software Used: TheSky/Six for planning; MaxIm DL for control of telescope, CCD, wireless focuser (& dome); MaxIm DL for image analysis & photometry; Excel for analysis of CSV-files created by MaxIm DL's photometry tool.

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