Joe Garlitz
AXA Observer GJP

12-inch telescope.

"Foam Dome" next to observing shed.

Focuser control.

Optics: Home built 12-inch f/5 standard Newtonian telescope. 
Mount: Home Built Fork mount, with Mel Bartels "Scope.exe" drive
Camera: SBIG ST402ME
Filters: LRGB
Observatory Type: Home-built Geodesic (foam) dome
Location: Elgin, Oregon; USA. Latitude = +45° 34' 22", East Longitude = -117° 55' 15", Elevation = 2740 feet
Software Used: AIP4Windows for analysis & photometry, CCDOps/CCDSoft for CCD control & image acquisition; PHD for guiding; SkyMap(3.1); QuattroPro for spreadsheet analysis and Peranso_231 for period analysis (asteroids and variables), Dimension4 v5.0 to keep computer clock accurate

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