Cindy Foote  and Jerry Foote
AXA Observers FCN and JFEA

Jerry Foote beside the 24-inch ScopeCraft telescope that he built. Jerry's AAVSO observer code is JFEA and his Minor Planet Center observatory code is G85.

Cindy Foote and her 16-inch (mounted on a double-pier in order to clear the buidling, which originally housed a Meade). Cindy built the building and husband Jerry built the telescope. Cindy's AAVSO observer code is FCN.

Another view of Jerry's 24-inch, which Cindy uses it when it's free.

The two telescopes are beside each other. Vermillion Cliffs are in the background.

Telescope #1 (Jerry's):
ScopeCraft 24", f/3.4, prime focus (Model SC-2438)
(Thermal compensated truss with carbon-fiber replacement in the works; i.e., no focus adjustments necessary)
Observatory Type: SRO (sliding roof observatory)

Telescope #2 (Cindy's):

ScopeCraft 16", f/3.5, prime focus (Model SC-1632)
(Astrosital mirror and carbon-fiber truss - i.e., never have to adjust focus)
Observatory Type: SRO (sliding roof observatory)
Software: MPO Connections for hardware control, AIP4WIN for image analysis and Excel for final analysis.

Both Telescopes employ a Paracorr Coma Corrector, use RoboFocus and are driven by a roller drive system under DriveScope control. Operation is semi-automatic (allowing sleep during observing).

Kanab, Utah
Latitude = +37.029, ELongitude = -112.435

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