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Only one brave amateur has observed this difficult to observe BTE. Congrat's Gregor for the valiant effort! However, as pointed out by ETD astronomer Lubos Brat the ephemeris used by Gregor Srdoc to schedule his observing session was apparently incorrect (as listed in the Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia and copied to the AXA home page listing). The discovery paper by Bakos et al (2007) gives a different HJDo, and since an observation in the ETD is consistent with the Bakos et al HJDo, and since Gregor's LC is just as easily interpreted as a non-detection, the AXA takes the position that the correct HJDo is probably that given by Bakos et al (and listed in the next section of this web page). 

Basic data

    RA = 16:20:36.4, Decl = +41:02:53
    Season = May 31
V = 8.71, B-V = 0.41
    HJDo = 4212.8559 (7) & P = 5.63341 (13) day (given in discovery paper by Bakos et al, 2007)
    HJDo = ???? (??) & P = ?.???? (??) day (AXA fit)
    Depth = 5.5 mmag (R-band ?)
    Length = 3.46
    b = 0.54

Table & Graph Summary of Transit Observations

Note: This TTV is almost certainly wrong, as pointed out by Lubos Brat (ETD astronomer). I will keep it here until the HJDo discrepancy is definitively resolved.

Note: Same comment as above.


Light Curves

9613SG21  This is a difficult object to observe so Gregor Srdoc deserves credit for this observation. This auto-fit solution assumes what appears to be an incorrect HJDo, and should be viewed as an OOT observation (presented in the next section). This incorrect LC interpretation will be included here temporarily and until definitive resolution of the HJDo discrepancy. 

Out-of-Transit (OOT) Light Curves

Finder Charts


Discovery paper: Bakos, G. A., et al, 2007, http://fr.arxiv.org/abs/0705.0126

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