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"GENETIC ENSLAVEMENT: A CALL TO ARMS FOR INDIVIDUAL LIBERATION" is a book that shows how some of our genes are our enemies, because they jeopardize individual well-being as they work to assure themselves genetic longevity.

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Cost: $20 US.

Please don't order the book without reading the Prologue, and thinking about whether you are an "intended reader." I'm not trying to make money by selling books; I'm just interested in sharing musings with like-minded people. [Note: All book sales are for the Second Edition, which became available February, 2006.]

The only way to order the book is by e-mailing the author at:  B L G A R Y [at] u m i c h . e d u

Unsolicited Feedback:

"This is a wonderful read; one of the best ever. I love the 'big' picture aspect of this work. ...Once I hit Levels of Selection [Chapter 11] I couldn't put the book down." Dr. M. J. Mahoney, May 24, 2004

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