Basic Info
	Aliases: GJ 4166, LHS3589, G187-008, 2MASS J20502065+2630408	
RA/DE = 20:50:20.29 +26:30:37.6 (measured from 4 images by Patrick Wiggins, 2011.08.02 UT)
V-mag = 15.58, B-V = +0.95, B = 16.53; V = 15.60, Rc = 14.1, Ic = 14.0, J = 14.100 (56), K = 13.60 (???)
CMC14 -> r' = 15.052. Clear filter Cr' = 15.53.
All-sky cal (2011.08.04 by B. Gary): B = 16.322
± 0.025, V = 15.337 ± 0.020 (based on just one Landolt star field)


This star represent an interesting challenge for PAWM observers for several reasons. The target star is very red (a good thing for the theoreticians), and it has two close-by stars that can interfere with aperture photometry measurements. It will be useful to see how much of a problem these two issues are for the PAWM observers during the pre-September practice observing session because if it's too difficult a target we'll avoid similar targets during the September PAWM observing project.

Observation Summary

20110817 3.0 hrs 5790.783 - 5790.907 Wiggins Smooth
20110816 2.7 hrs 5790.333 - 5790.447 Corfini Smooth
20110804 6.0 hrs 5777.584 - 5777.829 Starkey Smooth

20110804 3.8 hrs 5777.651 - 5777.815 Gary Smooth

20110802 3.8 hrs 5776.678 - 5776.837 Garlitz Smooth
20110802 7.0 hrs 5776.320 - 5776.613 Srdoc Smooth

Light Curves

raw spo

raw spo

sys pro oot

raw sys/pro/oot

raw sys pro oot

12-inch LC example .

raw sys pro oot This LC establishes the feasibility of monitoring WD2048+263 using amateur hardware (assuming an experienced amateur observer).

Finder Images

FOV = 11.8 x 8.1 'arc, north up, east left. False color image using B, V, Rc images, color balanced to show a range of star colors. WD2048+263 is slightly bluer than its neighbors. An all-sky analysis shows that most stars are very red, with B-V typically +1.0, so this star field must be reddened by interstellar dust.

WD2048+263 is very red, and is currently at a location to the lower-right (southwest) of the blue star just north of it in this picture.

FOV = 27 x 18 'arc, northeast upper-left. Image made by Patrick Wiggins (on 2011.08.02, UT).

FOV = 10.4 x 8.4 'arc. Zoom and crop of above image.

FOV = 4.6 x 42. 'arc. Suggested photometry apertures, illustrating challenge of aperture photometry measurements.

FOV = 3.8 x 3.5 'arc. 1-minute exposure. WD2048+263 is "Star A."

In the above image stars are labeled so that their fluxes and separations can be described. Stars B and C are fainter than A by 1.5 and 2.2 magnitudes. The total flux of Stars A, B and C consists of 72% from A, 18% from B and 10% from C. The locations of B and C with respect to A are: B = 6 "arc to NNE, C = 12 "arc to ENE.

Aladin image.

Note: The proper motion may be high. It's moving to the southwest.
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