Vesta Results Summarized
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This web page summarizes what I've learned about Vesta albedo versus rotation phase and wavelength. 

Update History
    2014.09.17: Added phase function plot.

Downloadable text file of Vesta fluxes: DR20140625

Phase Function

Vesta phase function fitted to maximum rotation brightness values by 3-parameter model (Belskaya and Shevchenko, 2000).

In the above model fit the OE (opposition effect) value was chosen from the OE vs. albedo relation given in Belskaya and Shevchenko (2000). The "phase coefficient" (slope beyond 5 deg) is compatible with the same publication.

Albedo Spectrum

    Vesta geometric albedo is based on phase parameter G that is allowed to vary with wavelength.

Geometric albedo vs. wavelength for selected rotation phases.

Amplitude of variation of geometric albedo (peak-to-peak) with rotation vs. wavelength.

Dependence of phase parameter G with wavelength.

Here are the phase-folded light curves for the FC color channels.

Rotation phase includes small adjustment for changing ecliptic longitude of Vesta as viewed from Earth.

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